Sponsor Us – Guideline Rates


The Festival Committee is needless to say, attempting to do all it can to raise sufficient funding in advance of the Festival, which might ensure all our costs are at least covered, whatever the weather is like on this day.

However, to make sure we don’t end up in the red therefore, under any conditions, and to put ourselves in a position were we might even potentially make enough money to underwrite the entire event ourselves subsequently, especially if the weather is glorious on the day, we are setting ourselves a target this time of raising a minimum £5,000 in Festival sponsorship, and a further £1,000 from other fundraising efforts.

If you are a member of any organisation that might be potentially supportive of our Festival, then you would greatly assist the efforts of the Festival Committee by encouraging them to sponsor the Festival, and/or by alternatively sponsoring or otherwise financial supporting it yourself as an individual. See guidelines sponsorship rates below.

All sponsors/financial supporters, unless they wish to remain anonymous, will be included in the printed Festival Programme, 1,000 copies of which, will be produced and hopefully all sold on the day. Also, announced from the platform, at the ‘official opening’.


Individuals (£10)

Small Community Organisations/TU Branches (£25-£50)

Larger Community Organisations/TU Branches/Trades Councils (£50-£200)

Regional Organisations (£100-£500)

National Organisations (£500-£1,000)

MAIN SPONSOR: (£2,000)

Send cheques made payable to Wigan Diggers’ Festival, c/o

Mr PJ Fox
65 Cale Lane
New Springs
WN2 1HA.

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