One thought on “2013 Festival Photos

  1. William Mclinden says:

    The struglge for LAND FOR THE PEOPLE to live upon during the transition to come as people are removed from the Capitalist GLOBAL capitalist system. With less money and ability to survive in a inflationary global economy.

    The question and role of what the TRANSITION IS ACTUALY about, will be a reality check for most people when the evidence is seriously examined in these matters.

    TO LIVE OF THE LAND, IS A RBE decision, and the statements and actions are evidently to divorce people from the demands of the global capitalist system. Be this as demand for labour and poor welfare services the struglgle will be a conflict of interests betwen the Globalist cAPITALISTS and a state establilished corperate capitalist system.

    The BRITISH PEOPLE like the ECONOMIC FREEDOM FIGHTERS of South Africa. Are confused in the aims of LAND REFORM and occupation of land for communal and personal family needs etc.

    People are still trapped in a INDUSTRIAL AGE. menatlity and do not generaly comprehend the dynamics of the shifts, that are dislocating them from indusrial age systems and welfare benifits if needed etc.

    The real CRITERIA is to be clear. That the demand for land, is not for the benifit of the corperate state, and its economic capitalist infrastructer. The demand and need is FOR INTERNAL BASED co-operatives and small communal self resourced based economies, based on their own internal economic self sustained, market systems that will not be linked into the preseny dying globalist economic systems.

    This new transition has no interest in the classic consumer methods of oil based, economies and their means of production.

    In essence we would need to envisage HOW CUBA under siege and isolated from the consumer globalist capitalist economy.
    In fact became self sufficient in ist own food and local economic needs by THE PEOPLE being given TOTAL FREEDOM in how they harnessed the land for personal and local co-operative production and consumption of resource based materials.

    In a irony of history, these people became resiliant , using inititive and invention to build a low energy society, that gave a standard of life superiour to peoples, in poor countries not being given such economic freedom by their globalist capitalist states.

    Theire national lifespan increased by eating natural diets, free from the chemiclals and cancer driven methods of producing mass foods through corperate globalist capitalists methods of production.

    Their national health care and natural science in keeping a human being healthy, the most advanced in the world.

    As a example of a small island FORCED to be a self sufficient economy. The enlightened rulers of that society let the people become FREE economicaly to act outside state intervention, other than a source of information, or certain resources to build co-operaitive farms and comunities. Unigue to general communist or capitalist dictatorships in the world, that failed their people, in these methods, when facing any similiar global economic threats. These people generaly died in their thousands and millions. As in North Korea for examp[le.

    The historic lessons are clear. LAND is of value to the people ONLY when they are ACTUALY FREE to organise their own methods and markets on their terms,and not the terms of the state.

    In advanced societies in the TRANSITION people could work miracles with our present erudition in science, and advanced farming and food production on small scale RSB economic markets designed for localised consumptions.

    In essence it would be a slower and less pressuriesed world based on present coorperate globalised methods of production. BLEEDING THE WORLD dry of natural resources, and affordable food, free from tax demands and oil driven monopolies in its IDUSTRIAL AGE DICKENSIAN capitalist systems.

    In a age where also daily wages are not guarenteed fo millions of workers, but the global masses forced to work short term corperate contracts, of part time work based on their own labour need cycles.. These along with less and less welfare support as in the past.
    With populations growing are in the dynamics of a age that unless the masses can claim the land back from the corperate globalist monopolies. Then they will suffer more serious austerity as time goes by in which dying in poverty will be in advanced societies as bad as present poor countries.

    The people need ECONOMIC FREEDOM from the globalist capitalist world. This is the only logical and scientific solution to the poverty growing in the masses throughout the world.

    They need to demand land as THE RIGHT TO LIVE, is significantly part of this process, as old methods of living are cut off, in the dying capitalist and inflationary economies of the world,

    THIS LAND IS OURS and we have little time to save it from, from becoming non productive as present methods of exploiting the earth for profit, destroy the natural resources, that we all need from land, to keep us alive etc,

    The earth and its land are a natural birthwright. In the past mankind kiilled each other so the rich could benifit from these lands.

    We are not concious slaves to the rich but thr reality is they have enslaved us and isolated from mother earth.

    The time is coming AND MOTHER is calling us back to here.

    If we have to fight the rich to get back to her. Then the laws of human evolution are only repeating themselves, WE either take the land for our children or they will DIE slowly in this evil distopian dying capitalist world.


    Forward to TAKE OUR LAND to Freedom and a better world.

    By William McLinden

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