Merry Hell Top the Bill at 7th Wigan Diggers’ Festival

MerryHellLiveMulti-award winning folk-rockers Merry Hell will top the bill at this year’s 7th Annual Wigan Diggers’ Festival on Saturday 9th September at our usual Wiend venue in Wigan town centre.

The popular local band already have four critically acclaimed albums to their credit and have a growing following on the festival circuit. They combine their music with an energy, passion and lyrical message we can all get behind. Also, one which befits our annual celebration of Wigan’s famous radical thinker and political activist Gerrard Winstanley (1609-1676) and the 17th Century Diggers’ movement, which Winstanley became the inspirational leader of, and our event takes its name from.

Other performers, at what the organisers’ hope will be another bumper festival of live music, poetry, educational talks, theatrical plays, a historic ‘digging re-enactment, real ale bar, and over 50 campaign, food, book and other stalls, plus lots of fun stuff for all ages, will include:

John The Baptist & The Second Coming


Local legends, melding together krautrock, prog, electronica and grooves to create a unique sound, topped off with a growling poet. Songs about atoms, bosons, myths, dark matter, dementia, the digitisation of modern life, monoliths and how shoulders without freckles are like skies without stars.

More info at :

Brandon Lee Webb Band


Based in Wigan, this 4-piece band play their own combination of soulful blues and classic acoustic rock, with their own nod towards The Doors. They have played around the country, including Kent’s Hop Farm Festival and Kendal Calling.

More info at :

Harp & A Monkey


Winners of the Best Band Award in 2017, this story-telling electro-folk trio have established an excellent reputation on the folk festival circuit and beyond for their lovingly crafted and wonderfully delivered vignettes of Northern life, love and remembrance.

More info at :

Wonderland Trip


Self-described as a pop punk band from Manchester, their enthusiastic, infectious performances combine the melodic sounds and rhythms of American pop punk with guitars reminiscent of 80s Manchester. They will get into your head – and stay there!

More info at :

Vision Thing


A five-piece band hailing from Liverpool, who produce the most incredibly harmonious and beautiful music, simultaneously lowering heartbeats, yet stimulating lyrically. With lots of US Radio play for their hit song Barcode, Vision Thing have made friends in unlikely places.

More info at :

The Mather Robinson Band


With two acclaimed albums under their belt and a third on the way, The Mather Robinson Band rock folk as it should be rocked. Mixing history, humour and wry social commentary with vim, vigour and a degree of musical virtuosity, show your appreciation for Salford’s finest.

More info at :

More Than Words


A welcome return visit for the Wigan based community group, using drama, music, dance, poetry, singing and creative activities to help people with a range of social needs, health conditions and mental ill health, express themselves, develop confidence and social skills.

More info at :

Pauline Blackburn


Pauline is a singer-songwriter and acoustic guitarist from Wigan who has strong roots in the North West folk scene. She has a soulful voice and sings from the heart.

More info at :

George Borowski


Universally known as ‘Guitar George’ thanks to his inclusion in the Dire Straits classics, and association with an ever growing list of artists as diverse as The Pixies, Meatloaf, Sad Cafe, The Waterboys, Teenage FanClub and Radiohead, George will be demonstrating that he does in fact ‘know all the chords’, and bringing his own magic to this year’s Wigan Diggers’ Festival.

More info at :

Eva Curless


A Performance Poet who uses the medium of spoken word to question pressing issues within society. Eva is a frequent performer at local and regional slams and has notched up a considerable number of wins to her credit.

More info at :

Bard Company


The Sex Pistols, Houghton Weavers mash up the world needs. The North’s answer to the Young Ones! In yer face poetry, music and comedy with a socialist edge from the
oldest boy band on the circuit! Go see ‘Old Ones’ at your peril! Proof that laughter is an energy.

More info at :

Patchwork Rattlebag


Playing what can best be described as ‘brain-pop’ they are a band unlike others, creating song-driven, psychedelic, electronic music that touches on themes ranging all the way from dogma to Dada. File under – something a little different – but in a good way.

More info at : wearepatchworkrattlebag

Monologue John Bartley


Ever present at the Diggers’ festival from our first event, John used to work with Dorothy Fryman, after whom our ‘Song & Story’ stage is named, as one half of ‘Song & Story’. His story telling prowess has led to him rejoicing in the name ‘Monologue John Bartley’.

More info at :

Stephen Smith


An eclectic singer-songwriter from Merseyside, creating songs of love, freedom, loss, peace and revolution. Stephen’s lyrics offer his observations on life and how he sees the world. A Ragged-Trousered Troubadour with acoustic guitar in hand, performing with great passion.

More info at :

George Melling


A Wigan born and bred story teller/poet/sketch actor relating his trials and tribulations. Not afraid to err on the side of Socialism. Just the everyday stories of an ‘Owd Chap, who doesn’t go very far, but always has a tale to tell.

More info at :

Joe Astley


Joe is a fast-rising musician and singer-songwriter, bringing a poetic folk-rock style and sound to venues all around the north-west and increasingly further afield.

More info at :

Lawrence Hoy


A veritable veteran of the Wigan folk scene, performing in his own right or as part of the Irish influenced Rare Ould Times. Equally at home singing his own compositions, including from his album ‘Beyond The Seas’ or familiar songs loved whenever they are played.

More info at : Times-Irish-Band-1553846934853721

Darren Poyzer


Celebrating 30 years as a performer, Darren is a smiling, hat wearing songwriter, special needs teacher, music leader, writer and performer of small theatre projects around ‘the human condition’. His engaging on-stage persona adds warmth, love and humour to the songs he brings with him.

More info at :

Diggers’ Festival Fringe Events include:

A talk by Dr. David Taylor – Historian & Writer from Cobham, Surrey (Winstanley’s other home and site of the 2nd Diggers’ Community) on

Gerrard Winstanley: The Bible & God

at Wigan Parish Church



Two Short Plays by the “Soothside Radicles” (Penny Cole, Graeme Arnott, Pauline Bradley & Judy Fergison)

Unfinished Business & The Putney Principle

Venue and timings of both performances to be announced a.s.a.p.



The timings and the stages all our artists will be performing on will be announced in the next seven days.

Also watch out for our 3rd video promoting the Festival to be published next week.

Don’t forget to invite all your friends, family, neighbours and work colleagues to come along for what, weather permitting, is sure to be a really great day out.

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