22 Live Acts at this year’s Diggers’ Bolton Bash


Wigan Diggers’ Festival organisers extend a warm welcome to all socialists and other working class radicals to come and join us at this year’s FREE Promo Gig at Bolton Socialist Club, Wood Street on Saturday 28th July from 3.00pm onwards

The 22 Live performers include:

Woski, Nat Clare, Claire Mooney, Dave Puller, Flynn Murnan,
Paul Blackburn, Dean Lane, Pauline Blackburn, Gordon Zola,
Crows of Albion, Dave Morgan, Carol Robson, Simon Widdop,
Pete Stevenson, Eve of Destruction, The Nearly Dead Poets,
Dwane Reads, Lee Harrison, Andy N, John Wilmington, Amanda Steele & host Jeffarama.

Come join us at the Socialist Club for a fun packed day of live music and poetry to help celebrate the radical 17th Century “Diggers” movement, who were described by Tony Benn as “the first true Socialists”.

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/471015663345323/

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