Wigan Diggers’ Festival Cancelled

Dear All,

Unfortunately, Wigan Council have taken a decision to cancel public events in the immediate future, including The Diggers Festival. We are sorry to share this news at what is undoubtably a sad time for so many. The place where the festival was supposed to be taking place will now be the focal point for official mourning within the borough.

At this stage we do not know what will happen to the festival, but we will update you as soon as we know.

We hope that you understand that all events and decisions connected with this are completely beyond our control.

All best wishes.

Wigan Diggers Committee

PS Whatever your feelings are about events, this is not the place to express them.

About 9thaspect

I'm part of the Wigan Diggers' Committee, and I am one of the admins for this site, as well as the Diggers' Facebook pages.

One thought on “Wigan Diggers’ Festival Cancelled

  1. ste finch (SPGB Manchester branch) says:

    Sad to hear this! I hope the event will run later this year. Meanwhile, please be aware that there is a public meeting organised by the SPGB next Saturday (17 September) at 2pm on WINSTANLEY’S ‘LAW OF FREEDOM’ at the Friends Meeting House, Mount Street, Manchester where we will be talking about the Diggers’ revolutionary ideas

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