2012 Festival Photos

Wigan Diggers Digging
Scotty Hertz Laughing Diggers Face of Wigan & Festival Banner Alun Parry Dorothy Fryman Pauline Blackburn James Quinn Glassheads Kieran Devlin Solomon Scribble Solomon Scribble & Dave Peters Attila Sitting Top 'O' The Wiend Piazza Crowd Laura Taylor Justice4Grainger Campaign Claire Mooney Diggers On The Piazza Some Wellingborough Diggers Festival Scene Claire Mooney Respect Youth Wellingborough Diggers at Wigan Diggers Man With Hat Couple of Wigan Diggers Festival in the Park Festival in the Park Michael Buchanan Festival in the Park Festival in the Park John The Baptist & The 2nd Coming Piazza Crowd Festival in the Park Wigan Parish Churchyard (Gerrard Winstanley was christened in the Church) Scarecrow Thumbs Up from Wigan Diggers on Stilts Political Stall There is an Alternative Singing Digger Dancin' on t'Piazza Wiganers @ Wigan Diggers Dancin Damian Liptrot Adjusts Microphone for Planet Al Class Actions Read the Ragged Trousered Philanthropists Smiley Wigan Diggers Wiganers @ Wigan Diggers Family Together at Wigan Diggers' Festival Attila meets Aslan Group4 Piazza Diggers' Crowd Watchin Attila The Stockbroker. Grassy Knoll Crowd Listening to Laura Taylor Mid Afternoon Crowd on Piazza at 2nd Wigan Diggers' Festival Song & Story More Digging on The Wiend at the 2nd Wigan Diggers' Festival Smoothie Joe Diggers' Festival Stall Tripe Marketing Board Stall Stitched Up Tent Wigan & Leigh Save Our NHS/ Keep Our NHS Public Wigan & Leigh Green Party Residents Against Fylde Fracking (RAFF) Campaign Stall Preston Against Fracking Campaign Stall Beech Hill Book Cycle Stall Wigan Diggers' Festival Tent Three Wigan Women Diggers Laura Taylor in full flow! Bob Kettle Ken Scally Attila in the Crowd Wigan Diggers cheer on Attila The Stockbroker Dusk Dancin' t'Dead Shores Bolton Socialist Party & Club Banner Wigan Unison Banner @ Wigan Diggers' Fest Food produced by Wigan Diggers Grassy Knoll Early On Occu Pie Wigan - Diggers' Festival Beer Tent Start of Town Centre Parade Wigan Diggers on Stilts Gerrard Winstanley Oversees Seeds of Socialism Exchange Hands Festival in the Park John Graham as Gerrard Winstanley proclaiming 'The Earth was made a Common Treasury for all! Gerrard Winstanley and two of his supporters outside the Gerrard Winstanley building in Wigan named after him. Actors James Quinn, John Graham Davies & Maxine Peake


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