18 Artists Confirmed for 2nd Diggers’ Fest



1. Go to 2nd Wigan Diggers Festival Event Page at https://www.facebook.com/events/357419037646439/ and click the Join button if you are going to attend. You may also wish to leave a positive comment on the event page wall whether you will be attending or not.

MOST OF ALL YOU CAN HELP BY CLICKING the ‘Invite friends’ button on the top right hand side of the event page and inviting ALL the Facebook friends you think appropriate to attend. Collectively we must have many thousands. If everyone did this, then we could reach potentially a few thousand people in no time.

Even a 5% percent positive response, would add to a few hundred more to the number attending, and the entire exercise is bound to generate greater general interest in the event on any account. You could also ‘share’ this same page on your own Facebook Wall or Timeline, several times between now and the Festival.

2. A few days later you could go to the following Wigan Diggers’ Festival Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/WiganDiggersFestival and tick you ‘like’ it. You could also ‘share’ the page on your own Facebook Wall or Timeline. Might also be handy to click that you ‘like’ some of the posts, comments, and photos, etc, and perhaps even post something yourself.

3. You could also pay a visit to our new Wigan Diggers’ Festival website at: https://wigandiggersfestival.org/. Whilst there you could: click the ‘follow blog by e-mail button’. You could also ‘share’ the Home page or one of the other pages on your Facebook Wall or Timeline. (You can do this by clicking the Facebook item near to the bottom of every page, or by pasting the URL into your status update box on your Facebook Wall or Timeline. You might also paste the url on the Wall/Timeline of some of your friends with the words, ‘fancy coming to this?”)


You could post any of the above URLs (especially the website/blog) on other websites especially those with event listings or maybe of a related nature. If everyone of our supporters did only half a dozen of such posts (they shouldn’t worry about duplicating the posts of others) then this would extend our online reach tremendously. The same goes for posting links on other Facebook pages and potentially sympathetic Facebook group walls.

As more details are finalised everyone could also post appropriate updates.
When our main promotional leaflet/poster is finalised everyone could help the cause by circulating an electronic copy by e-mail to their appropriate e-mail contacts.

They can also help the common effort by taking say 20 or more posters each to put up in prominent places in their own localities as well as to distribute on their tours. The more posters we put out, the more likely we are to draw a crowd. If you need some posting to you then get in touch with us by e-mail via stevechik@talktalk.net

We will obviously be making a big push with the local TV, radio and press.

You can also spread the word by mouth and if there are enough of you arrange your own local collective transport to the event. Groups have already indicated that are coming from as far a field as London, Glasgow & Wellingborough to the Festival, and came from all over the North of England to last year’s. Others are coming even farther from such places as Canada & the USA.