Gerrard Winstanley PowerPoint Animation by Derek Winstanley

Download the GW PowerPoint ANIMATION 7-12 by Derek Winstanley, which argues that Gerrard Winstanley:

* Is the most historically famous Wiganer of all time.

* Was the most radical thinker of the English Civil War & Commonwealth period, and of his entire generation.

* Was amongst the founders of modern day Socialist and Communist ideas and principles, which many say, have been subsequently distorted and corrupted.

* Was amongst the first to recognise the ecological interdependence of human beings and nature.

* His actions at St. George’s Hill in Surrey in 1649 were inspired by the earlier actions and success of Wigan clay and coal diggers in establishing their right to dig up common land so as to maintain their livelihoods, making Wigan, in Derek’s view, the inspirational home of ‘Socialism’ in general, via the development of Winstanley’s own views.

This latter contention is sure to be controversial. However, there a certainly very few if any of those who call themselves Socialists in the Wigan area, who are likely to come forward to challenge the idea.