Invitation to our Bolton ‘Warm-up’ Bash

An invitation to our now customary Wigan Diggers’ Festival warm up bash in Bolton (It was flaming roasting last year never mind warm!) This is a free event, and everyone is welcome!

Wigan Diggers' Bolton Bash

Poster artwork for this year’s Wigan Diggers’ Bolton Bash

We have a great line up (we will post running order later) – Mugshot Alley, Bard Company, Eliza P Singer, Nat Clare, Petrova C Fairhurst, Paul Blackburn, Darren Lea-Grime, Steve O’Donoghue, Kindred Spirit, Christopher Bainbridge, Fade (David Lockley & Steve Brown), Tony Kasazkaja, Jodie Smith-Richardson, Holly Jenkinson, Eva Curless, Andy Nicholson, John Howard Reeves, Shirley-Anne Kennedy, Terry Kinney, Bolton Clarion Choir. 

There will also be a range of stalls, raffle, real ale, diggers’ t-shirts and books.

Jefferama and Bard Company are hosting the event with our friends at Bolton Socialist Club, thanks for your support everyone, performers and audience alike!

Facebook event page at: